September 2022

A warm welcome to all our new pupils and their families and welcome back to all.  
We are looking forward to getting to know our new pupils and work with parents to give all children the best start in their education. 
We started the new academic year with a trip to the Tower of London to see the Superbloom. Many children and their parents joined us to explore the Tower of London and its moat full of beautiful flowers. 
This month the children have been learning about numbers and counting on their fingers. They produced some lovely hand prints on salt dough to take home. We have also looked at pumpkins and pumpkin seeds and we made some delicious frites. 
The children have also looked closely at their facial features and created their own self-portraits.  
In the Understanding of the World area we have been talking about our families and what we like and dislike. We also looked at breakfast time and what we like having for breakfast. The children have also been involved in preparing their own breakfast.
We have looked at different kinds of bread and the children engaged in making their own bread. It was amazingly good!

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